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Letter: Don’t forget crime victims’ pain

Don’t forget crime victims’ pain

OK, so we had another murderer having a difficult time with his execution. So what? Was it a picnic for his victims? Did they enjoy being killed? Are their families happy with what happened to their loved ones?

Why are the rights of criminals so much more important than the welfare of society?

I would like to offer a couple of solutions to gasping during execution. Recently there was an online article about acid reflux while sleeping. It was suggested that instead of sleeping flat on your back, either raise the head with extra pillows or sleep on your left side. I am sure that the convicted murderer must be pretty anxious by the time he is strapped to the table and his stomach acid is roiling around like crazy. So, tilt the execution table with the head up and/or tilt the table to the left. Or, when sentence is given by the judge, take the murderer out behind the court house and have the sentence carried out immediately by any means.

Does not the Bible say, “An eye for an eye?”

Even these methods are more humane than than way their victims died. That’s just my 2 cents.

Tom Stevens

Fort Mill