Fort Mill Times

Principal stuck to a pole after Tega Cay students meet fundrising goal

Usually it’s a star for every state they run up the flag pole. On Wednesday, Chris Gardner was the star.

Gardner, principal at Tega Cay Elementary School, found himself duct taped to the flag pole in front of the school Wednesday morning after students met a fundraising challenge: If students garnered at least one donation from someone in each of the 50 states for their recent Boosterthon, they’d put Gardner in the sticky situation. He paid up his end of the bargain with a smile on his face.

“It’s a little snug,” Gardner said.

The morning taping was the latest in Boosterthon-related principal antics. At Fort Mill Elementary School, the principal and assistant principal were duct taped to a wall earlier this year. At another school, administrators dressed up as rock stars.

The only stars on the flag pole at Tega Cay Elementary will be those on the American flag now that Gardner is back to his role as principal. At least until next year.