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Karen Tomas: Ready for some real pillow talk?

Ever seen a pillow that could not be bought? I have. And I wasn’t even pillow shopping – I was mattress shopping.

I flopped myself down on this one mattress and rested my head on a most divine pillow, the perfect pillow for me. Immediately, I said to the salesman, “I must have this pillow. Where can I buy it? ”

“That pillow is not for sale,” replied the salesman. “You can’t buy it. And I can’t sell it. It’s a sample pillow made for that particular mattress.”

Seriously! I couldn’t believe my ears. I was crushed. I’d finally found the perfect pillow and it was off-limits. Never had I heard of a pillow that could not be bought.

I toted that pillow around, sampling it on all the other mattresses. At one point, my husband warned the salesman, “You better keep an eye on her. She’s getting close to the exit.”

I admit, I was attached to that pillow. I did want to take it home. But I knew I never could.

So I said to myself, “Self, maybe you can find something similar.”

I turned to a most reliable source, the Internet. There I found rave reviews about two pillows that resembled my perfect pillow. And these pillows could be bought, at a store near me. I went. I searched and searched the pillow aisles. But the pillows were nowhere to be found.

I was ready to end my pillow search when I spotted a pillow in a box. I was intrigued. I’d never bought a pillow that came in a box. I’d only bought pillows that came in plastic bags. The boxed pillow claimed to be all the right things and it was reversible: one side gel memory foam, the other plush fiberfill.

I was sold.

I was dying to try my new pillow, but I was out of town. For two days, my pillow slept in the trunk of the car, alone.

The minute I arrived home, I took my pillow out of the box, tucked it in a pillowcase and anxiously awaited bedtime.

I’m thrilled to say, my new pillow in a box turned out to be the pillow from heaven. If you’ve read my columns before, you know I have pillow issues. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll never have to read another pillow column from me. I found the perfect pillow.

I only hope it doesn’t turn on me.