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This pork roast recipe will have them howling for more

I love to collect recipes. You could call me a recipe junkie.

In addition to reading cookbooks and getting ideas from family and friends, I pick up recipes at the grocery store, clip them out of newspapers and magazines, read them off the side of product containers, and watch the Food Network. I have a big drawer in the kitchen stuffed with a lifetime supply of clipped recipes I’ll probably never use. But then again, you never know when you might need a recipe for liver flavored cat treats.

One thing I know for sure – not all recipes are created equal. Some recipes are great. Others are awful. I’ve dumped many a dinner down the garbage disposal or fed it to the dog (when we had one).

Sometimes even the dog wouldn’t eat them. For instance, our Old English sheepdog, Happye, actually buried a hard dinner roll in the backyard one night. This takes the definition of bad food to a whole new level.

Occasionally you find a real gem, however. I have a pork roast recipe that fits perfectly into that category. The roast is delicious, but the secret is in the sauce. The combination of mint jelly, ketchup, vinegar, and chili powder is extraordinary.

This dish so good your dog will beg for it. Don’t feed them from the table, however. Everyone knows that’s bad manners.

Joy Smith is a resident of Fort Mill. You can reach her at