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Trash talk is OK, but don’t leave litter behind

Beverly Schroth, a chemistry teacher and Friends of Rachel Club adviser at Indian Land High School, has led the club in a campaign to help turn their campus into a litter-free zone.

On Oct. 10, fans at Indian Land High School’s football game were challenged to keep the stands free of litter. Students handed out personal-size litter bags to each fan who entered the stadium and encouraged them to use it for disposing of their trash.

It’s a problem at sporting events at many schools. Visitors leave their trash behind because they think it is the school’s responsibility to clean it up, said Sandra Bryant, program manager for Palmetto Pride, an anti-littering organization.

“Litter-free games are a great way to empower students to teach others a valuable lesson that littering is wrong everywhere,” she said.

Litter-free games will cut down on the time it takes custodial staff and groundskeepers to clean up after fans have left. With that in mind, a new program, called Litter-Free Games, has emerged. It is a student-run program that creates an inviting environment for friends, families and visitors to school sporting events while bringing awareness to an important issue – our environment.

Friends of Rachel promotes a chain reaction of kindness in our schools and community and this is certainly a great way to do just that.

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