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Letter: Keep newspapers free of all politics

Keep newspapers free of politics

Bill Rogers is correct. Reporters don’t get much respect (Oct. 8, Fort Mil Times). Unfortunately, there are people who are masquerading as reporters all over the airwaves.

Chris Matthews is a great example. His political spin is so outrageous, it puts Rush Limbaugh to shame. I understand that television journalism is so different from the local newspaper, but has anyone read the Charlotte Observer lately? Just watch their coverage of anything remotely political. To them, Democrats can do no wrong (not even the former Charlotte mayor). I congratulate the Fort Mill Times for keeping the political spin to a minimum.

Like most people, I read the newspaper to get the facts. People are getting wise to the political spin. If newspapers are to survive in the electronic age, they need to present the facts and nothing else. Some of us don’t care about the Occupy Movement, global warming, or the location of next Gay Pride parade. My kids don’t need to see two grown men kissing on television. We already have a hard time explaining what Bill Clinton was doing in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky. Also, why was the George Zimmerman trial all over the airwaves? What was the significance of Treyvon Martin? Neither one of these people were paragons of virtue. When the political spin takes over, normal people tune out.

Local newspapers are the last bastion of common sense and civic pride. When the local newspaper fails to hold local leaders accountable, democracy will disappear like a dream. When the media becomes a political pawn like in Nazi Germany, the media becomes nothing more than a propaganda machine.

Keep newspapers free of all politics and present only the facts

Earl Miranda