Fort Mill Times

Truck, train collide in Fort Mill

A truck and a train collided earlier this morning in downtown Fort Mill.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Spratt Street and Railroad Avenue. Fort Mill Fire Department and police personnel are on the scene. There do not appear to be any injuries. One witness said the driver of the truck walked out of the cab and did not appear to be hurt.

“No one was injured, that’s the main thing,” Fort Mill Police Chief Jeff Helms said.

The truck, which Helms said is carrying an unspecified alcohol product, and the train are both still stuck at the spot of the collision. Helms said a crew is coming to remove the truck, which will need to be “cut away” from the train.

Helms said because of the flammable nature of the truck's cargo, safety officials are taking extra caution in keeping people away from the area while the crew separates the truck and the train.

Fort Mill Police Capt. Bryan Zachary said the truck became stuck on the track while the train was approaching the intersection. Warning bells rang, and the train, which was traveling at about 5 mph, could not be stopped in time to avoid striking the truck, he said.

Traffic was disrupted earlier in the area, particularly on Hwy. 21, but is now moving normally though officials are re-routing cars around the accident site.

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