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Letter: Vote for Fort Mill education

Vote for Fort Mill education

Let’s acknowledge that growth is running ahead of infrastructure in Fort Mill.

Let’s even allow that community leaders from various vantage points may have gotten a little too giddy in recent years about the transition of Fort Mill from a small town and secondary bedroom community for Charlotte to a booming suburb with its own destiny driven by multiple social and economic engines.

That said: There is no cause to malign current Planning Commission, City Council, and School Board members and attribute to them all kinds of negative motives, as was done in a recent letter to the editor.

Fort Mill has knowledgeable, grounded, intelligent and caring community leaders: they are aware of both the possibilities and challenges that lay ahead for our community.

To suggest that newcomers threaten our lifestyle and especially our tax rate is to put one’s head in the proverbial sand.

Rightly so, Fort Mill is proud of its uniquely successful school system.

Whether you like it or not, our school system continues on its path of preparedness and excellence only if it is allowed to expand to meet the needs of students that will soon be enrolled here: to delay is to deny our elected and appointed leaders their capacity to move our beloved community into the future.

Sam Roberson

Fort Mill