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Letter: Vote ‘no’ in the referendom

Vote ‘no’ in the referendum

Is it too late to stop the annihilation of the local landscape by road clogging and road destroying massive construction vehicles?

Have you seen the huge cargo containers hauled by flat beds?

Too late to prevent present and near future road gridlock.

Soon the greater population density within a relatively small geographic area will put an enormous pressure on our water, air, and energy resources.

However, it is not too late to vote no.

It may stop the millions of dollars taxpayers are being asked to spend in the upcoming Fort Mill school bond referendum.

The school aristocrats can propose whatever excessive building expansion plans they desire, complete with a municipal swimming pool and a Taj Mahal with all the bells and whistles, but Fort Mill residents have the power to stop this spending spree of their tax dollars by their resounding “no” vote.

Remember if you build it, you can be certain they will come.

Gail Holtzapple

Fort Mill