Fort Mill Times

Letters to the Editor - May 14, 2008

Veggies have lives, too!

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter from Connie Gunsch in your April 30 edition, I offer this response (in some instances with tounge-in-cheek):

I also regard the fundraiser by the Tega Cay Fire Department as a successful attempt at funding our public servants. God bless them as they attempt more in the future.

Of course, I, as an omnivore, a God-given adaptation, enjoy a healthy human diet for which I produce all enzymes necessary for digesting a variety of foods. And I understand that I may contract food poisoning from any number of sources, including spinach.

I do, as a biologist, understand the fact that during Thanksgiving, I see people fighting over macerated sweet potatoes so cruelly plucked from the ground which was to be the potato plant's food supply for the next year. As a 5-year-old, this was shocking to me! Then, of course, there is Easter, where, again we are seated at a festive table with Little Jack Horner's plum pie eating the fruit that were the dashed hopes of the plum tree's attempt to reproduce.

Let us not forget Christmas, when again, a civilized nation is salivating over a green bean casserole with mushroom sauce, yet again, one of the dirtiest reproductive structures of all fungi (some pigs have to sniff out mushrooms for people to eat, poor things).

Don't get me wrong, I love holiday gatherings and parties. I am 41 years old and have still not conceived that people are still enjoying the "devouring" of God's little herbaceous creations. How do you feel watching "Places in the Heart?" Poor Sally Field murders cotton to feed her family!

As a Columbia native who moved 10 years ago to the lovely town of Fort Mill, I thought I'd add some humor to what may be a difficult time for those who eat all food intended for humans by adaptation. I look forward to all fundraisers that offer food choices that include a well balanced diet with a barbecue meal and may it include mustard-based sauce! Good going Tega Cay Fire Department.

Rachael Wilson-Cranshaw

Confederate Street

Fort Mill

Officials dropped the ball

Dear Editor,

Rather than sending a harsh warning to Lancaster County residents about them still not having made changes to their ZIP code, Cheryl Morgan needs to learn how to do her job better (May 7, Fort Mill Times).

If the water company, the electric company, the gas company, my several different insurance companies and all of the junk mail senders can figure out what my new ZIP code is without being told, surely she has access to this information.

Bill Delamater

Kingfisher Drive

Indian Land

More parking needed

Dear Editor,

On March 29, I spent a sweet little hour or so with my son watching my granddaughter play soccer at Turner Field in Tega Cay. But I think all parents and grandparents who want to come out to see the game and support the little ones need to know there is no parking!

Since I live in Tega Cay, I think it is a great way to raise revenue: build a park with no parking and then give the folks who park on the street a ticket. But in all fairness to my Fort Mill friends, I thought they might like to know in case they want to just drop their little ones off and maybe pick them up later.

Anne Roof

Point Clear Drive

Tega Cay

Communication lacking

Dear Editor,

Now is a good time, to read about it in the paper, after the fact, that we were supposed to boil our water before using it (May 7, Fort Mill Times).

Fort Mill's administration or utility department should call or have some way to leave residents a message on their public telephone when there is a possible danger in the drinking water or any danger affecting us. Not all residents receive a paper, watch the media on TV or use the Internet.

Fort Mill was lucky this time. If the schools can do it - call everyone when they need to - so could the town.

Get it together people.

Marilyn Hypes

East Summersby Street

Fort Mill