Fort Mill Times

Complex member said she was conned by bogus trainer

A member of the Recreation Complex on the Greenway at 971 Tom Hall Street in Fort Mill filed a complaint with Fort Mill Police recently, saying she was the victim of someone posing as a personal trainer at the facility.

The member, a Fort Mill resident, told police she was scammed out of $148 – the amount she said she gave the man posing as a trainer – after she listened to his presentation. The victim said she paid for a month of training sessions, but never saw the man posing as a trainer again, according to a police department report. She eventually asked the complex staff about the man and was told he was not a trainer there, the report states.

Information about the man who took the complainant’s money was provided to police. A Fort Mill Police Dept. spokesman said the case is under investigation.

The woman who said she was scammed said she knows other members at the complex were taken in as well.

“Although $148 may not seem like much money, multiply that times however many he ultimately scammed,” the victim told the Fort Mill Times.

She asked that her name not be published. It’s the newpspaer’s policy not to name crime victims without their consent. The woman said she hopes other victims bilked out of money will file complaints as well.

“The police don't seem interested in pursuing small fraud claims, but if more victims come forward and press charges, a judge will take notice. Hopefully, once the story is published, more people will come forward,” she said.

The complex is owned by Leroy Springs & Co. in Fort Mill. CEO Tim Patterson said the complex also notified police. He had words of caution for members.

“We were made aware by two different members that they had given money to a person at the complex who had passed himself off as a fitness trainer, but didn’t show up at the designated time for the training session,” Patterson said.

“We have been in contact with the members and the Fort Mill police department regarding the situation. We would remind all our members that those who are authorized to offer training services at the Complex are listed at the front desk and known to the staff. If you have any questions regarding trainers, please inquire with member services."

Michael Harrison