A York County man found an intruder in his living room. Then he opened fire.

A homeowner fired more than a dozen shots at a burglary suspect when he came home and found the suspect in his living room, according to a York County sheriff’s report.

The man and his wife arrived at their home on Broach Drive in the Catawba area around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, the report said. They found that the back door to their home and the door from the garage into the house were both standing open, the report said.

The husband told police he could hear someone in the living room, the report said. He crept upstairs, retrieved a pistol from his bedroom and ran back downstairs to find a suspect standing in the living room, the report states.

The husband said the suspect was wearing all black clothing and white shoes, according to the report. The report states that the suspect ran out the front door and around the back of the house.

The husband told police he felt threatened when the suspect turned, faced him and started to reach for an “unknown item” in his waist line, the report said. The husband then opened fire on the suspect with the pistol, firing 16 rounds, the report said.

Both the husband and wife told police they did not know if the bullets struck the suspect, the report states. A complete description of the suspect was not provided on the report.

The suspect then ran into the woods, according to the report.

Police noted signs of forced entry into the side door of the garage, and found a dent that appeared to be kicked in, according to the report.

K9, forensic services and other officers processed the scene later that night, the report states.

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