Deputies: York County man found bloody, beaten in home after weekend assault

Tommy Bolin has barely spoken a word since Saturday.

His throat is so swollen that doctors at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte had trouble inserting a breathing tube, his son told The Herald. His left eye was black and bruises cover his chest and face.

“They won’t release him until all the swelling goes down,” said John Bolin, who has driven to Charlotte each day to visit his father, the alleged victim in a weekend assault. By Wednesday, no suspects had been arrested and warrants were not pending.

“It’s very frustrating,” John Bolin said. “My father is laying there half-dead in a hospital bed” and “nothing’s happening to (the suspects).

“It’s a messed up situation.”

On Saturday, deputies say Jeremy Shillinglaw went to Tommy Bolin’s home on Woodlawn Acres in Sharon, where he found the front door ajar, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. He pushed it open with his foot and walked inside. He heard his neighbor groan. Seconds later, he found Tommy Bolin, 51, lying on the floor, bloody and bruised, the report states.

“When I walked in, it looked like a murder scene,” said Shillinglaw, who lives about four houses down from Tommy Bolin. “I’ve never seen anything like that. Blood like you would not believe ... all over the walls, floors.”

Shillinglaw said he picked his neighbor up and sat him down in a chair. He snapped a couple of quick pictures and then started calling relatives.

He asked Tommy Bolin who assaulted him and was told the names of a man and woman who live in Hickory Grove, deputies say.

The suspects, Shillinglaw said, “left him for dead.” Paramedics told him that Tommy Bolin’s windpipe was swollen shut.

Deputies say they found large quantities of blood on the living room floor, along with bloody “footwear impressions,” the report states. Authorities also note that the incident might have been the result of a phone conversation between Tommy Bolin and one of the suspects. About two weeks ago, John Bolin said his father encountered the female suspect at the store and commented on her physical appearance.

Tommy Bolin underwent surgery on his broken jaw Tuesday.

John Bolin said he and his family have become frustrated that there have not yet been any arrests made in the assault, adding that he feels the footprints on the floor and any fingerprint evidence should be enough to file a charge.

Investigators are waiting for Tommy Bolin’s condition to improve so they can take a statement before continuing the investigation, said Deputy Kim Morehouse of the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Still, John Bolin is concerned that the suspects might antagonize his father, who is physically unable to work and has suffered from seizures in the past, once he’s released from the hospital.

“Somebody’s going to have to protect him,” John Bolin said. “He’s a tough old guy (but) he can’t be running around with a 25-, 26-year-old trying to kill him.”