Reports: 2 inmates caught with iPods at York Co. jail

Two state inmates face more charges after York County jail staff found one with an iPod, Internet device and keys to handcuffs in his cell and another with an iPod in his work area, deputies say.

Earlier this week, the York County Detention Center’s assistant chief administrator reported that contraband had been found in the jail, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. Jail officers, the report states, found an iPod Touch and a Verizon 4G Internet hot spot device in Richard Andre McCorbin’s cell. The devices, deputies said, were tucked between McCorbin’s bed mattress and his cellmate’s bed.

McCorbin, 36, of Charlotte, also allegedly stored a tactical handcuff key in a storage compartment in his jail cell, the report states. Detention officers also found that Thonal Duane Edwards, 29, of Greenville, with an iPod and iPod touch in his worker’s quarters.

Administrators took the items and charged both inmates with contraband possession or furnishing.

McCorbin, who has been held at the state Department of Corrections since 2007 after he was convicted in York County of trafficking cocaine and other drug charges, was transferred to the York County Detention Center in April 2012 as a state inmate, correctional records show. After contraband was uncovered this week, he was transferred to Kirkland Correctional Institution.

Edwards in 2007 was convicted of armed robbery in Charleston County and cocaine distribution in Greenville County. State records show he had been transferred to several different correctional institutions since his tenure in prison for a variety of reasons, many of them medical in nature. He also was transferred this week to Kirkland.