Rock Hill mortgage worker charged with stealing bank deposit

An employee at a Rock Hill mortgage company has been accused of stealing more than $1,000 from a bank deposit she was supposed to make last week, police say.

On Friday, the CEO of Guardian Fidelity Mortgage on East Main Street told police that one of his employees, Takia Adams, 25, took $982.72 in cash that she was to deposit in the bank two days earlier, according to a Rock Hill police report. The CEO told police police Adams also took $39 from her cash drawer on Friday.

When her boss confronted her, Adams allegedly told him that the cash was in the mail due to a “mix up she had with papers in her car,” according to the report. She later admitted that she skimmed money off the bank deposits over a “long period of time.”

Adams told police she took the money and she had been trying to pay it back a small bit at a time to balance the deposits, explaining that she stored several checks and cash she planned to deposit in her car, the report states. Police arrested Adams, charging her with breach of trust with fraudulent intent. In total, Adams is accused of stealing $1,021.95 from the company. Police returned the stolen money to Guardian Fidelity.

Adams declined to comment when reached Monday.