Teen Carowinds worker accused of giving away giant stuffed giraffe, cobra

A teenage Carowinds employee told authorities this weekend she felt sorry for the families that could not win any of the games she manned so she gave them a free giant stuffed cobra and giraffe. For her alleged generosity, she was charged with stealing from her job, authorities said.

Carowinds security told deputies at about 2:30 p.m. Sunday that they detained an employee, 16, because she was caught giving away large stuffed animals that are prizes at the ring toss game she supervises, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. An undercover security officer noticed the girl speaking with a family while they were not doing so well at the game.

She convinced them to try again, the report states, and they put $5 in a money bucket. The girl allegedly placed a ring on the bottle and pushed a button notifying her supervisor that a player has won the game. The girl then gave the family a large stuffed animal giraffe worth $180, the report states. The family gave the girl more money, but she placed it underneath the counter. A second family arrived and they too were not successful in beating the game, the report states. The girl put a ring around the bottle again, pushed the same button and gave the family a large green and blue cobra.

The park had to return one family’s money, the report states, and managed to reclaim one of the stuffed animals. The girl told deputies she gave the prizes away because she felt sorry for the families. The girl’s mother arrived on scene, after which deputies issued a summons on the girl charging her with breach of trust.