Drug suspect accused of hurting Rock Hill cop, damaging police badge during scuffle

A Rock Hill man accused of damaging a police officer’s badge while resisting authorities’ efforts to arrest him suffered several cuts to his legs, arms, wrists and nose when officers tackled him to the ground as he tried running away early Tuesday, police say.

Police stopped the driver of a 2008 Nissan Frontier at about 2:30 a.m. after they saw it turn left onto Ebenezer Road from Camden Avenue without using a turn signal, according to a Rock Hill police report. Police searched the driver and passenger, identified as Dylan Shane Bauver, 22, after finding a black folding knife at his feet on the passenger’s side floorboard.

While searching Bauver, an officer felt a plastic baggie possibly containing marijuana in front of his shorts, the report states. The officer tried seizing the bag, but Bauver turned away and tried running away. Two officers tackled Bauver to the ground and a struggle ensued when they tried handcuffing him. During the fray, the officer’s badge and gloves were damaged. One of the officers suffered a cut on his right index finger, while Bauver suffered cuts to his left leg, arms, wrists and nose. He declined medical attention.

Police arrested Bauver and found less than a gram of pot in his front waistband, the report states. Inside the car, police found more than a gram of pot under the front passenger’s seat where Bauver had been sitting.

He was charged with violating the drug law, damage to city property, resisting police and damage to personal property.