Mom of Rock Hill homicide victim speaks out after bond hearing for alleged killer

No remorse.

That’s what Rock Hill Police detectives told Lynette McCoy-Mullins about the man who police say shot and killed her son Santario McCoy on Sunday.

“To hear that he showed ... absolutely no remorse, I’m trying to figure out why (he) ended up turning (himself) in,” McCoy-Mullins said Wednesday outside of the Rock Hill Law Center, where nearly a dozen members of her family gathered. “You’ve got to be feeling something. And we deserve to know. We deserve to know why he took our baby.”

Police say Santario McCoy, 24, died at 432 Baker St. Ext. sometime after midnight Sunday when Donquavious Dashon Davis, 19, shot him once in the chest. After remaining at large for two days, Davis turned himself in to authorities in York on Tuesday. He appeared before a judge in Rock Hill for a bond hearing Wednesday morning.

Davis is charged with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. Rock Hill Municipal Judge Tanesha Lonergan granted him a public defender, but no bond. Municipal court judges do not set bond on murder charges.

Authorities have said Davis shot McCoy over a woman, a fatal act family members say was motivated by Davis’ outrage that the mother of his child and McCoy started dating.

No family members appeared in court on the behalf of Davis, who addressed the judge through a jail camera.

“Other than what the streets are saying ... I need to hear from this young man why,” McCoy-Mullins said. “Why he felt like he should kill somebody?”

But, during the bond hearing, Davis didn’t offer any insight or an apology.

“Eventually, he’s going to have to say something,” McCoy-Mullins said, adding she was not given the opportunity to speak during the hearing. If she had, she would have continually asked Davis “why” until court officials made her leave.

McCoy’s children – two girls and one boy – are “looking for their daddy and he’s not coming back,” McCoy-Mullins said.

On Wednesday, McCoy’s relatives created a gofundme Web page to help raise money for his burial. The goal is $10,000.

“What type of person are you that you don’t feel anything that you took this man away from his family and children?” McCoy-Mullins said. “I need to hear something from this young man.”

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