Police: 3 men used fake coupons at Rock Hill Walmart

Three men allegedly used fake coupons to buy razors, shaving gel and other valuables worth more than $40 Wednesday at a Rock Hill Walmart, police say.

A loss prevention manager at the Walmart in the Newport area told police that he reviewed surveillance video showing three men use fraudulent coupons at a self-checkout machine at about 7:45 p.m., according to a Rock Hill police report. The men conducted three separate transactions. They all purchased Gillette razors, shaving gel and several other items.

The suspects, police say, used several counterfeited coupons to reduce the cost of their purchase from $40 to under $2, the report states. The coupons are labeled as manufacturer’s coupons, police reported, but the manufacturer told police they did not produce, distribute or authorize those coupons.

Police have obtained store footage of the men and continue to investigate.