Teller charged after allegedly stealing from two Rock Hill banks

A Lancaster woman was arrested after admitting to a bank investigator she’d been stealing from the two Wells Fargo branches where she was employed as a teller, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Candace Adams, 23, worked at the Wells Fargo branch on Celanese Road and the branch on Cherry Road. On Wednesday, the lead teller at the Celanese Road branch found $160 was missing from Adams’ cash drawer.

The report states Adams admitted to a corporate investigator with Wells Fargo that she’s been taking cash from her drawer “several times a week” and lying about it since June. A count of her drawer at the Celanese Road branch showed that drawer was short $6,249.90.

Adams said she took the money because of “financial hardship,” the report states. She then admitted to the investigator she had taken $6,000 from the Cherry Road location and had it in her purse to put in the drawer at the Cherry Road location.

When police were called, Adams repeated her story, telling the officer that she took $200 to $600 from the cash drawer three or four times a week since June. When looking in her purse to find the cash she’d taken from Cherry Road, an officer found a folder with personal information of Wells Fargo clients, including their account numbers and social security numbers.

Adams was charged with breach of trust.