Deputies: Chester Co. teen stole woman’s car, pressed knife against her throat

A Chester County teenager was arrested Wednesday after deputies say he stole a woman’s car, head-butted her and then pressed a knife to her throat so hard that she had trouble breathing.

Deputies were sent to Floppy Drive in Richburg at about 2:40 p.m. when they received complaints about a 17-year-old teenager holding a knife to his throat, according to a Chester County Sheriff’s report. While en-route, dispatchers told deputies that the teen took a golden Honda Accord and was headed down Floppy Drive. Officers spotted and stopped the car and found that it was registered to someone else.

A Fort Lawn woman, 41, told police she went to a friend’s home to lend out her cell phone when the teen, identified as Dakota Ray Hadden, walked outside and became angry with her, the report states. He took the keys out of her car and walked away with them. He returned a short time later and, when she asked about the keys, he yelled at her and hit her two times in the face. When the home’s resident tried to intervene, the boy held the knife to his own throat and threatened to kill himself.

Hadden then head-butted the first woman, according to the report, and placed the knife against her throat, threatening to kill her. He pressed the knife so hard into the woman’s throat that she could not breathe, deputies reported. He eventually went outside, took the victim’s car and drove down Floppy Drive. Deputies saw scratches on the victim’s neck and redness and swelling on her forehead. Hadden was arrested and charged with second-degree aggravated assault and motor vehicle theft.

The woman who called police, identified as Pamela Wilburn, was also arrested in connection with an outstanding warrant for criminal domestic violence, deputies said. Police accuse her of assaulting her boyfriend, 55, with a chair last month. To stop her assault, the victim told deputies he broke a plate over his own head. He required stitches. By Thursday morning, Wilburn, 38, was being held at the Chester County Detention Center without bond.