Masked gunman sought after attempted robbery at Rock Hill apartment

A Rock Hill man told police that a masked man placed a gun to the back of his head and demanded money before apparently giving up and leaving without stealing anything early Monday, authorities say.

At about 5 a.m., police were sent to the Heather Heights apartment complex, off Celanese Road, after receiving a call about an attempted armed robbery, according to a Rock Hill police report. A man, 30, told police that after dropping his daughter off to the babysitter’s, someone racked a gun and placed it to the back of his head as he tried getting into his truck.

The suspect, he told police, demanded that he “give him the money.” The victim told police he managed to get into the truck and close the door, prompting the gunman to bang on the window several times.

The victim described the gunman as wearing jean shorts and “something covering his face,” the report states. The gunman allegedly fled the scene without stealing anything. Police continue to investigate.