Rock Hill man accused of damaging car in road rage case

Road rage resulted in charges for another Rock Hill man earlier this week after police say he got out of a car and hit the passenger’s side of the couple’s door, denting it.

The woman, 42, told police that at about 5:45 p.m. Monday, the driver of a silver Honda Civic would not allow her to merge onto Dave Lyle Boulevard, according to a Rock Hill police report. She told authorities at least three people in the car flashed their middle fingers at her and her husband before the Civic’s driver blew his horn at her.

Both cars turned onto Galleria Boulevard, the report states, before turning onto Old Springdale Road, where the Honda’s driver slammed on brakes in front of the victim. A man, later identified as Robert Ingram, 27, got out of the Honda, walked to the passenger’s side of the woman’s car where her husband was sitting and hit the passenger’s side door, causing a dent. He then got back in the Honda, which drove away.

The woman gave police the car’s tag number and a description of both the car and suspect. Police responded to the registered address for the car, the report states, and spoke with Ingram, who admitted to getting out of the Honda, walking to the victim’s car and exchanging words with her husband. He denied hitting the door. Police arrested Ingram, charging him with damage to property. The damage to the car was estimated at $500.

Last Saturday, York County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Rock Hill man accused of driving without a license, but with drugs, after he tossed a drink on a man’s car and drove through neighbors’ yards during a road rage incident.