Report: Pipe-wielding inmate attacks worker at York County landfill

An inmate at the York County Prison Camp was charged with assault after police say he attacked a landfill employee with a metal pipe, hitting the man in the shoulder and back of the head on Monday.

The victim, 20, told police he was working at the landfill on Public Works Road when Rock Hill’s Phillip Joseph Harris, 26, attacked him with a pipe, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. Harris, who jail records show had been held in jail on commitment charges, acted as if he was going to put the pipe down before he suddenly swung at the man.

The pipe hit the victim in the shoulder and the back of the head in one swing, the report states. Harris then dropped the pipe. Deputies arrested Harris, charging him with second-degree assault and battery.

He is booked at the Moss Justice Center on a $5,000 bond.