Homeless Rock Hill woman assaults caregiver, police officer

A homeless woman belligerently attacked the person giving her shelter, as well as a York County Sheriff’s deputy, according to a police report.

The 49-year-old victim offered to let Donna Simpson, 35, live at her Lesslie Highway home during her time of need. Last week, the victim confronted Simpson about why she came home late one night, intoxicated, the police report states.

Simpson had a knife, and the victim said she slapped her and pulled her hair, the report states. Deputies arrested Simpson because of her aggressive behavior towards the victim and themselves, the report states.

Once inside the patrol car, Simpson pulled a cell phone from her back pocket. Simpson allegedly kicked an officer in the leg when he tried to confiscate the phone, the report states.

While driving to the York County jail, Simpson allegedly banged her forehead three times on the plexiglass divider of the patrol car, police say. Blood was running down her forehead, so the officer pulled over on the intersection of Orange Street and Flint Street to call medical services, the report states.

Emergency officials arrived but they could not control Simpson’s belligerent behavior, according to the report. She was booked into Piedmont Medical Center later that day, still acting belligerent, the report states. She was treated and transported to the York County detention center, without further incident.

Simpson is charged with assault and battery third degree, malicious injury to real property of less than $2,000, and public disorderly conduct. She is being held on a $1,825 bond.