Rock Hill man accused of spitting on police during arrest

A Rock Hill man was accused of resisting arrest and spitting at police Sunday morning, police say.

A complainant told police that Charles Lee Lynch, 31, of Rock Hill was being disorderly at a Arch Drive home, a Rock Hill police report states. Lynch, who appeared to be intoxicated, verbally assaulted the complainant and yelled expletives at the man, the report states.

Police asked Lynch to lower his voice and calm down but he did not comply.

Lynch was placed into handcuffs and had to be physically moved to the patrol car, the report states. He then surged his body at the door, shutting it police say. He continued to curse at the complainant and then at police while being taken into custody, police say.

Police had to call for assistance and gave Lynch four leg strikes in his right leg, the report states. He still resisted going into the patrol car and was forced in by police, they say. Upon entry, Lynch is accused of spitting at police, the report states.

Lynch was taken to the Rock Hill Jail and charged with resisting arrest, throwing bodily fluids on law enforcement officers and cited for damage to real property valued at under $2,000. He is being held at the Rock Hill Jail on a $30,000 bond.