Report: Blood trail leads to injured Carowinds vandal

Police followed a trail of blood leading from Carowinds to a nearby hotel, where they arrested a South Carolina man accused of damaging park-goers’ vehicles.

A Carowinds customer reported to York County Sheriff’s officers Saturday night that her 2014 Nissan Altima’s passenger side mirror had been shattered and the outer casting was broken off, a report states. There was blood on her car as well as the vehicle parked next to it, deputies say.

Police followed the blood trail for approximately an hour, the report states. At one point, investigators lost the trail due to the busy Carowinds Boulevard but they picked the trail up again near the Kangaroo gas station.

Meanwhile, someone reported a suspicious blood trail leading to the Quality Inn on Lakemont Boulevard. Police followed the trail to the rear of the building and found Levi Daus, 19, of Elkin, who had a laceration on his hand, the report states.

Daus told police he damaged three vehicle mirrors because he was upset he’d been ejected from the amusement park, the report states. Daus’ breath smelled like alcohol and he was found with a small bag of marijuana on him, police say.

Daus was arrested and charged with malicious injury to personal property, minor in possession of alcohol, and possession of marijuana. He was taken to Piedmont Medical Center because he was still bleeding through the large gash on his hand. He was later taken to the York County Detention Center and was released Sunday afternoon on a $1,560 bond.