Report: Rock Hill teenager swallows bag of marijuana during police investigation

A Rock Hill teenager is accused of swallowing a bag of marijuana after police questioned him about a stolen car.

Police instructed Sameal Johnson, 17, to exit a Frank Street home in order to interview him about a stolen vehicle on Monday afternoon, a police report states. They smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from him, the report states.

Police asked Johnson to turn around for a pat down search, and a sergeant observed Johnson put what appeared to be a nickel sized baggie of marijuana out of his left pocket, the report states. He immediately put the bag in his mouth and swallowed it, police say.

Johnson was arrested and taken to the Rock Hill Jail. He was charged with hindering police and receiving stolen goods. He is held on a $3,222 bond, in addition to unpaid fines.

He did not receive any drug charges because police could not provide evidence.