Police: Rock Hill man pointed gun at child’s mother, friend

A Rock Hill man is accused of pointing a firearm at his child’s mother days after being released from jail on a criminal domestic violence charge, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

The 44-year-old suspect, whose name was redacted on the report, was charged with criminal domestic violence on Oct. 13, and was given a no contact order as a condition of his bond, the report states. The victim claims he violated this condition when she saw him at their Sanborn Street residence Tuesday evening, the report states.

The victim was moving her stuff out of their shared residence with a friend when she spotted him. The man was following the woman’s car in a camouflage painted Chevy Blazer, she told police. The suspect and victim have a child together, the report states.

When the victim and a friend were driving on West Main Street and Columbia Avenue later in the evening, the suspect allegedly pulled up next to them and presented a black pistol and pointed it at them, the report states. The report states that they got behind another car and turned onto Heckle Boulevard and then Cranium Drive to escape him.

While the victim was speaking with police, the suspect called Rock Hill Police to make a report against the victim’s friend, police say. He claimed that the victim’s friend was in the passenger, and as the victim drove her friend pulled a gun out on him, the report states.

But his story was inconsistent with the woman’s account. The victim told police she was in the passenger’s seat, not driving.

Police are still investigating.