Deputies: Multiple people witness man attacking woman in Clover

A Clover man was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after attacking a woman in his car, according to a report from the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Johnathon Ray Rhinehart, 24, was supposed to drop the woman, 19, off at work in Clover, but wouldn’t let her get out of the car, the report states. When she tried to get out of the car, he pulled her back in by grabbing her sweatshirt and when she tried to call for help, he took her phone.

Rhinehart threatened to kill her and pushed her head against the window, while still driving the car around, ignoring stop signs and red lights. He also tried to choke her.

Several witnesses called the Clover Police Department to report the traffic violations how Rhinehart was attacking the victim. When she tried to flag down a police officer who was driving nearby, Rhinehart grabbed her by the head and shoved her down to the floorboard, the report states.

The victim told deputies and officers that she hit Rhinehart in the face while trying to get away from him. When he spoke with deputies, Rhinehart tried to report the victim for assaulting him and confirmed the traffic violations.

Rhinehart said he didn’t want to let the victim out of the car because he wanted to talk to her.

The victim had several injuries, including a broken hand, scratches and bruising.

He was charged with kidnapping, criminal domestic violence and criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. He is in custody at the York County Detention Center on a $37,130 bond.

While in custody, Rhinehart tried calling the victim from the detention center.

Rhinehart pleaded guilty to an assault and battery charge in 2010, according to York County court records.