Police: Drunken homeless woman assaulted jail officer after stabbing threat

Police this week arrested a homeless woman in Rock Hill for drunkenly threatening to stab people on East Black Street. Later, at the city jail, she was charged with assault after she allegedly kicked an officer.

Tracy Ann Griffin, 43, who authorities say is homeless, was charged public disorderly intoxication after an incident on Thursday night where officers found her in a parking lot with a red plastic cup of Kahlua liquor. Witnesses told officers that Griffin had been standing outside someone’s home yelling and threatening people, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Officers say Griffin “smelled strongly of alcohol, slurred her words and staggered when she walked” just before she was handcuffed, the report states. She is accused of trying to pull away from officers during her arrest and cursing at the officers before throwing herself on the ground in an attempt to avoid going into the back of a patrol car for transport to jail, according to the report.

Once in the car, “Griffin threatened officers and flailed around” in the back seat, the report states.

At jail, police say Griffin tried to kick one officer before she was placed in a cell. Later, officers had to restrain Griffin to remove her jacket and handcuffs, according to the report. Later she Griffin kicked another officer in her leg while being booked and processed into the jail.