Rock Hill mom, boyfriend charged with unlawful conduct toward child

A Rock Hill woman and man were arrested Tuesday and charged with unlawful conduct toward a child.

Ciara Marcella Reyes-Burke, 26, and Jordan Jenkins, 23, both of East Main St., Rock Hill, were arrested after a Social Services investigation into injuries to Reyes-Burke’s 5-year-old son.

When the boy arrived at Mount Holly Elementary School on Jan. 5, the first day back after the winter break, he had visible injuries to his face, according to a Rock Hill police report.

The boy had bruises inside and on the back of both ears, under his left eye, and on the right side of his chin and scalp. The Department of Social Services and York County sheriff’s deputies were also called to the school, along with the Social Services director for the Catawba Indian Nation (both Reyes-Burke and her son are listed as Indian on the incident report).

Reyes-Burke reportedly sent a note to school along with her son alleging the bruising resulted from an altercation the day before with the boy’s 3-year-old brother. The mother told police she left her children in her boyfriend Jenkins’s care, during which time the younger child reportedly struck the older boy in the face with a cat toy.

The child was placed into emergency protective custody at the time, and officers launched an investigation resulting in the couple’s arrest Tuesday.