Rock Hill man charged with assaulting woman, holding her hostage

A Rock Hill man has been charged with criminal domestic violence and kidnapping after he allegedly hit his girlfriend, then held her down so she couldn’t call police.

Markey Shannon, 31, was arrested after police found his girlfriend, 34, with blood on her face, according to a Rock Hill police report.

The woman was in an “agitated” state when police arrived at at home on Rich Street on Tuesday evening. She told officers Shannon hit her.

Shannon’s story about the events changed several times, according to the report. He told police the woman bit him and attacked him. Shannon did have a cut on his face, but it was consistent with the woman’s story of hitting him with a bottle to defend herself.

When she tried to call police, Shannon “tried to hold her hostage,” lay down on top of her and tried to pin her down so she wouldn’t call for help, the report states. He only let her get up when she promised she wouldn’t call police.

Police say Shannon was also charged with criminal domestic violence against the same woman in an incident on Jan. 8. That case has not yet been resolved.