Police: Rock Hill Walmart thief fires stolen pellet gun at shopper who confronted him

Rock Hill police are looking for a man who allegedly stole a pellet gun from Walmart and then apparently fired the weapon at a customer.

If found, the suspect faces armed robbery charges.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at the Newport Walmart on Old York Road.

The suspect left the store with a Samsung TV, safe, air pellet gun and BBs – $430 worth of merchandise – without paying, according to a police report.

A shopper who saw the suspect leave without paying, according the report.

Marshall Jackson, 66, just left his job in Charlotte and was stopping Walmart around midnight. While at the register, he looked over and saw a man pushing a shopping cart quickly toward the door, bypassing the register line.

“He was making a beeline for the door,” Jackson told WSOC-TV on Tuesday. “I told the clerk, ‘That man is leaving and he hasn't paid.’”

The clerk, another employee and Jackson yelled at the man, who bolted for the door and reached the parking lot before stopping.

“He turned around and faced us and then reached down into his pants,” Jackson said “I thought he was reaching for something, but I didn’t think it was a gun.”

It was a gun. He pointed it at them and they ran back toward the entrance to Walmart.

“I heard a pop and it sounded like a pellet gun to me. Not a real gun,” Jackson said.

Jackson ran outside again, grabbed his cellphone from his truck and called 911.

Police arrived and found the abandoned shopping cart. Inside was an LED TV, a safe and a pack of BBs. Employees later found an open package that once held a pellet pistol in the store.

As of late Tuesday, Rock Hill police were still trying to get the surveillance video from Walmart.

About 20 minutes before the incident, Rock Hill police had driven through the Walmart parking lot. Officers recalled seeing a similar vehicles driven by a woman.

The man was described as a light-skinned black man wearing a camouflaged jacket and pajama pants. He was between the ages of 20 and 30, about 6-feet tall, weighing 175 pounds.was possibly seen leaving in a small black car with a woman.

Herald news partner WSOC-TV contributed