Police: Rock Hill woman charged with assault admits to smoking crack

A 52-year-old Rock Hill woman was arrested on Sunday morning after being accused of assaulting her roommate and admitting to police that she smoked crack before the incident at their home on Russell Street.

Rock Hill officers arrested Dorothy Castleberry on a charge of assault and battery third degree, police records show. She told officers that she and her roommate had been arguing over a cell phone.

The male roommate, also age 52, called police on Sunday, accusing Castleberry of grabbing his body in a sensitive area and refusing to let go, according to a Rock Hill police report. When officers arrived at the home, Castleberry was standing outside complaining that her roommate hit her.

The man admitted to police that he had hit Castleberry in the face but said it was in self-defense to get her to “release her grip” on him. He also told officers that Castleberry had been on “a four-day crack binge,” according to the report.

Officers had already been to the home once on Sunday, records show. In the earlier incident, police say Castleberry was making verbal threats and “being disorderly.” Authorities did not file drug charges against Castleberry but officers say she admitted “she had been smoking crack cocaine prior to the incident.”

Police did not arrest the male roommate and officers said both he and Castleberry denied medical attention when it was offered.