Chester Co. man accused of stomping on, killing dog

A Chester County man was arrested this weekend, accused of unlawful treatment of an animal after his ex-girlfriend told officers that he killed a dog by stomping on it repeatedly.

Great Falls Police Department officers arrested Cory Allen Smith, 27, Sunday after investigating the Feb. 21 incident, police records show. Smith was held overnight at the Chester County Detention Center. He was released Monday on a $1,000 bond, detention center officials said.

Officers say Smith’s ex-girlfriend told them about the dog’s death after they showed up at her home on Feb. 22 at Smith’s request. Smith told officers that his children were with his ex-girlfriend and he wanted an officer to check on them, according to a police report.

At the home on Feb. 22, Smith’s ex said she was home alone with her children but that Smith had stopped by the night before to see his children and they got into an argument.

The ex-girlfriend accuses Smith of hitting her in the face and killing the pet by “stomping on the dog several times” outside the home, according to the police report.

Police say the incident happened at a home on Chester Avenue in Great Falls.