York County deputies say he pulled out a pipe wrench, said manager was 'a dead man'

Alonzo Delunte Seegars is charged with attempted murder, assault and battery and breach of peace.
Alonzo Delunte Seegars is charged with attempted murder, assault and battery and breach of peace.

An anonymous call to Fort Mill police Tuesday about a man supposedly planning to cause a disturbance at his former workplace led to his arrest for attempted murder from an incident more than a week earlier.

Alonzo Delunte Seegars, 29, is charged with attempted murder, assault and battery and breach of peace in an aggravated nature after he allegedly attempted to kill a car dealership employee in the Fort Mill area on Dec. 21. Seegars is being held without bond at the York County jail.

Seegars was taken into custody at the dealership, but was released from a Charlotte hospital after receiving medical treatment. The York County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t actively seeking Seegars when Fort Mill police found him on Jan. 2, though they had a warrant for his arrest.

“We never heard anything,” said Sheriff Kevin Tolson. “Obviously he was released without notification being made to us.”

According to the sheriff’s office report, Seegars came into the service area at Stateline Dodge on Dec. 21 and began screaming and cursing at the manager. Seegars then allegedly pulled out a pipe wrench and said he knew who the manager was and that he was “a dead man.” Seegars then left the service area and began hitting multiple vehicles with the wrench, according to the report.

An employee heard the commotion and ran outside to try to calm Seegars when, multiple witnesses told law enforcement, Seegars threatened to kill the woman and began walking toward her.

One of two armed civilians, both concealed weapons permit holders, drew his gun and kept Seegars from advancing on the employee until law enforcement arrived.

When deputies arrived, at least one drew his gun, but then holstered it due to the number of bystanders behind Seegars. According to the report, Seegars was yelling and cursing and refusing to follow instructions. Another deputy was able to get behind Seegars, tackle him and disarm him.

“In doing so, the suspect was injured,” Tolson said. “He actually broke his leg. We were concerned not only for his physical condition, but his mental condition. He was taken into emergency protective custody.”

Seegars was transported to Piedmont Medical Center and then transferred to Carolinas Medical Center for medical treatment and a mental evaluation. Seegars caused almost $18,000 in damage to dealership vehicles, and another $1,200 to a customer’s vehicle, the report states.

A deputy accompanied Seegars both to Piedmont and then Carolinas Medical Center. The latter is in Charlotte, so York County authorities didn’t have jurisdiction to pick him up and arrest him.

“The protocol would have been for Charlotte (police) to pick him up, to take him into custody, because we can’t,” Tolson said.

Tolson said his agency followed its typical protocol, which is to inform the hospital when there are warrants out on a patient and enter those warrants into the national database. Typically, if the hospital is across the state line, the hospital would notify law enforcement in that jurisdiction who would handle the suspect as the extradition process begins.

York County also asks the hospital in such a case, as Tolson said they did this time, to notify them also.

“This would fall more under protocol, under how we’ve handled this in the past,” Tolson said. “To my knowledge we’ve not had an incident where we weren’t contacted.”

Carolinas HealthCare System said it was looking into the incident to find out when Seegars was released and what steps were taken to notify law enforcement.

While York County deputies filed the warrant against Seegars into the national database before they left the Charlotte hospital, Tolson said, charges were on hold until Seegars was released from the hospital.

“He was an uncharged individual,” Tolson said.

Then on Jan. 2, police in Fort Mill were told by a caller that a man formerly employed at Citi Financial was on his way to the company after he was released from a hospital. The caller told police the man planned to case “a disturbance.”

Officers found Seegars standing near the front employees entrance. Seegars had his employment terminated at Citi on Dec. 29. Seegars told officers he wanted to talk to a manager about getting his job back.

When Fort Mill officers ran his information during the Jan. 2 incident, they found Seegars was wanted by the York County Sheriff’s Office on the attempted murder charge. He was detained by Fort Mill police and taken into custody by sheriff’s office deputies when they arrived. According to the police report, Seegars, who gave a Lancaster address to Fort Mill police but is listed by York County as a Charlotte resident, appeared erratic.

He was transported for medical evaluation at Piedmont before he was jailed at the Moss Justice Center.

Because the latter incident happened in Fort Mill, and the hospital involved was in Rock Hill – both in York County – there weren’t the same complications over jurisdiction.

“There were no jurisdictional issues when FMPD arrested him,” Tolson said.

Tolson said his agency will work to “maintain that line of communication” with hospitals in the future, but he is confident his group followed protocol.

“We did, and it’s worked,” he said.