Fowl crime: York County burglars cooked chicken, drank cola, then stole food

Burglars in western York County cooked an elderly victim’s chicken wings, drank his RC Cola and then stole food before ransacking the house, according to deputies.

The victim, 77, told York County sheriff’s office deputies that he came home from Rock Hill around 11 a.m. Saturday to find that his home had been broken into through a back door, a police report shows.

“The suspect even cooked a meal in the victim’s kitchen and left a pan of cooked chicken wings on the stove top,” the report states.

The suspects drank from an RC Cola soda bottle and stole food, the man told police. Then his home and a vehicle were “ransacked” and a car battery was stolen, the report shows.

A neighbor told police that someone tried to enter his house the night before. Forensic officers processed the scene, but no arrests have been made.