2 men were on their way to sell meth when they were robbed, Rock Hill police say

Two men were assaulted and robbed as they were on their way to sell meth early Wednesday, according to a Rock Hill police report.

The victims told police they were walking on Waterford Park Drive before 6:30 a.m. when a red For Mustang pulled up and four men jumped out, the report says.

Two men began kicking one of the victims and “stomping on his head once he was on the ground,” the report says.

The victim told police the men stole his wallet.

The other two men chased the other victim, who ran away when the car stopped, down the street, the report says.

The car drove away and the first victim walked to a gas station on Dave Lyle Boulevard and asked someone there to call 911, the report says.

The victim told police they were on their way to get cold medicine from an acquaintance, the report says. Officers looked through one man’s phone and saw texts from another person asking for “ice” at about 4 a.m., the report says.

The victim told police his friend was going to sell meth, and that he had been texting from his phone.

The victim had no visible injuries, but said his head and ribs were hurting, the report says.

Police weren’t able to contact the second victim at the time, the report says.

No charges have been brought in this case.

The victim said one of the suspects had tattoos on his body and a tear drop tattoo on his face. No further description was available.

Anyone with information should call the Rock Hill Police Department at 803-329-7200.

Hannah Smoot: 803-329-4068