Turkish teen blamed coach for stay in York Co. jail. Coach faces jail now, too.

Mumin Tunc
Mumin Tunc York County Sheriff’s Office

Turkish 7-foot teen Mumin Tunc spent almost a week in the York County jail on immigration charges in March 2017.

It was Tunc’s statements to federal agents while in custody in York County’s jail that led to the arrest of his coach, court documents show. The coach now faces up to five years in federal prison after pleading guilty, and could also be deported.

The coach, Michael Rawson, a citizen of the United Kingdom and founder of 22FT Academy in Greenville and Anderson, pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy to commit visa fraud, court documents show.

Rawson admitted to making false statements to federal authorities to try to stay in the United States and run his basketball team.

Tunc, while in custody in York after his arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, “led law enforcement” to investigate Rawson, court documents show.

Tunc told ICE agents that he and others failed to attend school and only were playing basketball while purportedly taking online classes, court documents show. Rawson allegedly housed players in a barn while students failed to attend school, court documents show.

Tunc later was released and returned to Turkey.

Rawson also faces a $250,000 fine, federal prosecutors said.