Whiff of pot at Lancaster overdose scene led police to more than drugs

Jimmy Hunter
Jimmy Hunter

A whiff of pot at an overdose scene last year in Lancaster that turned up a cache of weapons has ended with a felon being sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison.

Jimmy Hunter, 48, whom federal prosecutors said was a convicted felon, barred from having weapons, was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to possession of firearms, court records show.

Drug agents in Lancaster County responded to a report of an overdose death on the porch at Hunter’s home in September 2017. They smelled marijuana when another person opened Hunter’s door, prosecutors said. The smell pushed police to get a search warrant.

Police found drugs and weapons inside Hunter’s home on Confederate Street.

Officers seized an AM15 .223 caliber rifle, a Mossberg rifle, .22 caliber rifle, 7.62 caliber rifle, other shotguns and a revolver.

More than 3300 rounds of ammunition were found in the gun safe and the master bedroom closet. Police also recovered a bulletproof vest.