A woman's purse was snatched in York, but citizens tackled the suspect

Robert Wayne Jenkins
Robert Wayne Jenkins York County Sheriff's Office

A pair of bystanders, who heard an elderly woman call for help Saturday after a purse snatching in the parking lot of Walmart in York, tackled the suspect, police said.

Responding police also arrested the suspect's accomplice, who was circling the lot in a stolen car to pick up the suspect, York officers said.

Robert Wayne Jenkins, 28, of Statesville, N.C., is charged with purse snatching, criminal conspiracy and giving false information to police. Jenkins is being held at the York County jail under a $7,500 bond.

Misty Dawn Padgett, 37, also of Statesville, is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and criminal conspiracy. Padgett is being held under a $5,000 bond.

The victim, 73, called out, "My purse!" after her handbag was grabbed by a thief, according to a report from the York Police Department.

The woman had bought groceries Saturday morning, and was loading her car when the suspect rushed by and grabbed her purse from a grocery cart, officers said.

"I was just trying to load up the groceries when he grabbed my purse and took off running," the victim said.

The Herald is not identifying the victim.

A man and his wife were getting out of their car in the parking lot when they heard the woman's cries for help, officers said.

That man, and another man who was in the parking lot, chased the suspect, police said.

The suspect threw the purse at his pursuers before the citizens tackled the suspect in the parking lot, the report states.

The two men held the accused purse snatcher down until police arrived, police said. York officers took the suspect into custody, police said.

Jenkins initially gave police a fake name, before he was identified and arrested, officers said.

The citizens who helped the victim also told officers that a green Ford Mustang was trying to pick up the suspect during the chase in the parking lot.

Patrol officers found the car at a gas station nearby and arrested Padgett.

The victim said several people heard her calls for help and acted to help her.

She said she got her purse back - and everything in it.

"There sure were a lot of good people out there Saturday," the victim said. "People ask sometimes if there are good people left in the world. Well there sure are. I hollered out 'Thank you!' to all of them. I appreciate all of them."

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