Rock Hill man calls deputies over racially charged graffiti; turns out it was art

York County Sheriff's Office patrol car
York County Sheriff's Office patrol car

A Rock Hill man called police after the word "Black" was chalked in graffiti onto his driveway, York County deputies said.

However, it turned out to be an artistic statement by a boyfriend of a family member, the man who called police told The Herald Tuesday.

The man, Walter McCorkill, 76, who lives on Newton Avenue between Rock Hill and York, showed York County Sheriff's Office deputies the vandalism Monday after he called police.

McCorkill, who is white, told police the writing might be racially motivated because his daughter and her boyfriend live at the home and are in a multi-racial relationship, according to an incident report.

The chalked word "Black" was written across the breadth of the driveway, police said in the report, and the chalk spread to the sidewalk in front of the home. Under each letter of the word "Black" were words: "Blind, Lost, And, Can't, Kill," deputies reported. Police documented the crime scene and advised the homeowner to call police if there is anything else "strange or similar."

"When I saw it I thought it might be racially motivated," McCorkill told The Herald Tuesday afternoon at his home.

McCorkill told The Herald Tuesday the he also had concerns because of a bi-racial family gathering at the home on Sunday.

McCorkill told The Herald he found out the chalking was done by his granddaughter's boyfriend, who is black. The chalk pictures and words were art, McCorkill said, and had no racial animus. His great-granddaughter also was outside at the time making chalk drawings, McCorkill said he found out after making the police report.

"It turned out to be my granddaughter's boyfriend, who is black, making an artistic statement," McCorkill said. "It ended up not being any racial motivation."

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