He was sons' classmate, Fort Mill mom said. Did killer send her lewd pic from jail?

Fort Mill police are investigating reports by two women that they were contacted online by a local man they believe is in jail for murder.

One woman told police she received a picture on her Facebook page in mid-March of a man’s genitals. Initially she said she incorrectly identified the man, but after further investigation she recognized the man’s face.

Officials have not positively identified the man, but believe it's a person from Fort Mill who is incarcerated at the Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia. The man pleaded guilty last summer to murder, armed robbery and possession of a gun during a violent crime.

Fort Mill Police said they spoke with someone in the contraband department at the Broad River site who stated staff there would look into the incident and follow up.

The woman reported the incident to Fort Mill police on April 15.

Four days earlier, another woman told Fort Mill police the same prison inmate “waved” to her on Facebook. The woman told police she attended middle school with the inmate but hadn’t had contact with him since.

Fort Mill police also reached out to corrections officials following that complaint.

The woman reported receiving the explicit photo the same day seven inmates were killed at Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina, in an incident where 17 prisoners were injured in a fight involving cell phones. State officials now are asking for laws allowing them to block signals from prisoners' phones.

The incident reports in Fort Mill don't mention how the inmate would have reached out to the women online. State law lists anything in an inmate's possession other than items issued by the prison or bought in its canteen as contraband.

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