A flying squirrel was left in a hot car. A Rock Hill woman was charged, police say

Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis Rock Hill Police Department

A Rock Hill woman was charged with leaving an animal in a hot car Tuesday, but the pet was not a cat or a dog.

It was a pet flying squirrel, police said.

Amanda Davis, 25, was charged with ill treatment of an animal after she left the squirrel in a cage inside a vehicle on Aiken Avenue Extension for at least an hour, according to a Rock Hill Police Department report.

The interior temperature of the vehicle reached 114 degrees when the squirrel, described as a "Sugar Glider" species, was taken out of the car by animal control officers, according to the report.

Police were called about 2:30 p.m. to assist animal control officers who were already investigating, the incident report stated.

The squirrel was found by animal control in a cage without food or water and was under a blanket, police said. The squirrel climbed to the top of the cage when the blanket was taken off, officers said.

This is a Charlotte Observer file photo of a sugar glide. Experts say they can live 12-15 years. John D. Simmons

The squirrel was taken into the custody of York County Animal Control on Tuesday, police said. Afterward it was released to a family member, said Trish Startup, York County spokesperson.

Officers said Davis told police she left the squirrel in the vehicle around 1 p.m., the report stated. Officer determined she had "inflicted harm upon the animal," and charged her, the report states.

According to AccuWeather, temperatures May 1 were above normal, reaching 81 degrees.

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