Cotton Belt

Students of the week are: Isabella Covington, Mel Brakefield, Sarah Perez, Ty Hope, Peyton Reel, Elissa Neff, Elijah Jamison, Ja'Yana Garvin, Nikki McConnell, Allie Mackey, Cole Ashe, River Pettit, Dazaevien Wright, Chloe Carroll, Zachary Stewart, Carlee Shannon, Jennifer Lingerfelt, Ernie Stowe, Luis Hernandez, Hunter Reed, Zane Cina, Dylan Pettit, Jack Fleischer, Thomas Hull, Markevous Hinton, Morgan Cina, Jacquelynn Spenard, Erika Baker, ZiQuan Robbins, Grant Little, Caleb Moss, Luke Bomar, Kaylee Jones, Justin Stewart, Fallon Knight and Tanner Sliger.

Ebenezer Avenue

The first parent chat of the year will be 7:45 p.m. Monday in the music room.

Jersey Mike's Night will be Tuesday.

Students Christian Couch and LeNiyae Gaither have been chosen as members of the Rock Hill school district Elementary Honors Choir for 2007-2008. Couch is returning after being a member last year.


Golf lessons will be held Wednesday.

Fourth-graders are taking swimming lessons.

The fall carnival is scheduled for Oct. 27.

Terrific Kids for August and September will be recognized Thursday at 9 a.m. in the cafeteria. They are: Madison Benfield, Kiavonni Lyons, Anna Rupert, C.J. Bradley, Joshua Stinson, David Lovette, Charlettie Mobley, Savanna Vastag, Hannah Robinson, Jara Dogan, Manolo Santos, Asia McGruder, Emily Greer, Hannah Johnson, Kaelyn Delgado, Hailey Johnson, Suzanne Fitzgerald, Shania Stevenson, Will Ashley, Kayla Kimble, Lucy Kirkpatrick, Jordan Davis, Katie Crockford, Jake Garcia, Adele Robinson, Kaitlynn Bradley, Mariana Obando, Ar'Tonius Cherry, Olivia Smalls, Cole Dickerson, Allison Parks, Daniel Norton, Ivy Walker, Donavan Charles, Lani McGaha, Travon Foote, Kelly Le, O'Brian Ingram, Nijala Moore and Jhonterrys Odom.

Finley Road

Muffins for Mom will be Thursday for kindergarten through second grade and Friday for third through fifth grades in the cafeteria before school.

Students who are new members of the Rock Hill school district Elementary Honors Choir are: Nina Blades, Megan Calkins, Kayla Duke, Gianni Greene, Josie Hyatt, Shekinah Lightner and LaBreece Perry.

The student art show, part of the Blues Festival Downtown, will be Thursday through Saturday in the Edmund D. Lewandowski Classroom at the Center for the Arts.

Terrific Kids for August were: Maliik Cooper, Asha Able, Laila Green, Jacob Greenway, Isaiah Matthews, James Simpson, Isaiah Reid, Brad Julian, Jamie Johnson, Bryce Herndon, Sara Greene, Justin Beam, Jasmine Patterson, Alexandria Friel, Destiny Perez, Kaylea Dresner, Kaelyn Hollington, A'Viana McCoy, Joseph Blackman, Jackson Burns, Kristen Neely, Briana Taormina, Gaibrial Schoenfuss, Josie Hyatt, Caitlin Finley, Ben Rasmussen and Dalton Westberry.

Griggs Road

Student Council representatives for 2007-2008 are: Roman Young, Jennifer Brakefield, Eliyah Vue, Sara Beth Barr, Avery King, Le'Darrieus Dunlap, Darby Adams, Baylee Horn, Jack McGivern, Aaron Parsons, Bonnie Wyatt, Chloe Troxler, Wyatt Lasche, Nadina Slusser, Alyson Ramsey, Breanna Clemmer, Victoria Kang, De Patton, Kayla Faulhaber and Christian Prieto.

Hickory Grove/Sharon

Students of the week are: A'Kila Williams, Nick Morin, Brannon Burns, Hunter Cox, Mary Dover, Triston Robinson, Destinee Thompson, John Faulkner, Brody Brunson, Jessica Comer, Sawer Marchman, Michael Christoffer, Virginia Martin, Jake Trotter, Kaitlyn Spires, River Austin, Robert Ashley, Donna Dover, Kaleb Nalley, Katie Blackwood, Brooke Andrews, Zack McVicar and Lawrence Adams.

Hunter Street

Sonic Night is Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. at the York Sonic Drive-in.


A fifth-grade parent orientation and information meeting will be 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Fourth-graders will continue to take swimming lessons at the Rock Hill Aquatic Center Tuesday through Thursday. Students should bring bathing suits and towels.

Friday is picture day. Background forms must be returned by Tuesday.

India Hook

All kindergarten classes will attend the "Max and Ruby" play at the South Pointe High School auditorium Monday.


Kindergarten and first-grade students will see the play "Max and Ruby" at South Pointe High School on Monday.

Fourth-graders will travel to the Aquatics Center Monday, Wednesday and Friday for swim lessons.

Thursday night is Literacy Night with storyteller Mark Daniels. The event is free and open to all students and their families. The Bookmobile will be available from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. that night in the lobby.

Terrific Kids will be acknowledged at 8:15 a.m. Friday in the cafeteria.


Students' artwork will be displayed at the South Carolina Arts Alliance Conference in Columbia 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

Kindergarten through second-grade classes will attend the performance of "Max and Ruby" on Monday.

Northside Night at Chili's Restaurant is 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Everyone who comes for Northside should tell their waiter/waitress that they are there for Northside.

Walk to School Day is Wednesday. Everyone who wants to participate will meet at 7 a.m. at the Calvary Baptist Church parking lot to walk to school.


Students who have work on display at the Center for the Arts in downtown Rock Hill are: Justin Hood, Andrea Chappell, Brianna Strickland, Maurio Thomasson, Myra Bean, Maybelline Nguyen, Haylee Lowery, Anna Robertson, Sabrina Webster, Alan Smith, Kayla Klimpel, Daniel Hart, Alicia Howley, Delaysia Roddey, Maddie Whitesell, Diamond Lovell, Samantha Sibey and Will Setzer.

Safety Patrol members for 2007-2008 are: Kayla Klimpel, Breanna Spears, Isiah McClure, Megan Rector, Sarah Craig, Dylan Simpson, Michael Grubb, Kristen Simmons, Marvin Galette, Kayla Lue Roberts, Jenna Long, Sabrina Jackson, Cameron Barber, Cameron Davis, Alicia Howley, Ashlyn Catoe, Hailey Caudle, Garrett Corbett, Michael Grant, Daniel Hart, Mallory Harvell, Ethan Hinson, Rachael Chappell, Makaila Manning, Ariana Blake, LaShanique Robinson and Moya Burris.

Old Pointe

Steak n' Shake Night is Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m.

The Terrific Kid program will be 8:30 a.m. Thursday in the cafeteria.

Box tops and Tyson labels are due Friday.

Makeup and club pictures for the yearbook will be taken Friday.

Richmond Drive

Terrific Kids for September are: Hugo Cervantes Martinez, Anthony Coefield, Seth Moore, Ian Poole, Kaley Hebebrand, Mark McGee, Brianna Morrison, Kyle Perdue, Courtney Shipman, Anna Viands, Shelby Accor, Angel Balcazar, Shawn Faile, Eleanor Gilleland, Melanie Griffin, Zachary Kramer, Ameral Barber, Marjorie Jones, Tiffany Peoples, Chandler Thomas, Monique Dixon, Diana Guevara-Romero, Claire Holliday, Olivia Paxton, Sherae Allen, Tessa Ki'Áira Hemphill, Nicholas Lujan and Michael Poulliot.

Spirit Night is Tuesday at Chick-fil-A on Cherry Road.

The Children's School

Students chosen for the Elementary Honors Choir for 2007-2008 are: Dorothy Janne Modle, Nichole Rauppius and Morgan Ray.

Students chosen as flag bearers are: Chaquiera Degraffenried, Fatima Mack, Bryce Stone, Kahari Stewart, Armani Young, Katherine Atkinson and Emilia Ballou.

Student Council officers for 2007-2008 are: president, Madison Rinehart; vice president, Ashley Rinehart; secretary, Nichole Rauppius; treasurer, Sophia Hubbard; historian, Anna Grace Reid; and parliament, Carl'Derrin Brown.

York Road

Family Night will be from 5 to 9 p.m. Monday at McAlister's Deli on Herlong Avenue. A portion of the proceeds will be given back to the school.

September Terriffic Kids were: Tekira Cherry, Zarionna Robinson, Nevaeh Love, Kyler Bower, Patrick Leonard, Hunter Pontus, Kayla Burns, Nathan Grocke, Britney Kidd, Blake Humphries, Olivia Cain, Faith Wylie, Justin Drury, Brice Jenkins, Destinee' Crosby, Brianna Runkles, Malik Cathcart, Bailey Fallon, Hannah Simmons, Kaylee Gaynor, Mallory Baldwin, Thomas Fallon, Allie Edwards, Buddy Collins and Joseph Getty.

Students chosen as members of the district's Honors Choir for 2007-2008 are Rebecca Anne Balding, Kaylee Gaynor, Hughes Holler, Taylor Phelan and Andrew Warren.


Castle Heights

Sixth-grade students of the week are: Julio Loyo, Brandon Bowers, Tyler Robertson, Jaquan Gregg, Julie Chea, Austin Bailey, Kendricko Young and Holly Hamilton.

Eighth-grade students of the month for September are: Clarissa Zills, Alysa Underwood and Beverly Key.

Tuesday night is Knight Night at Sagebrush from 5 to 8 p.m. A percentage of sales for the night will be donated back to the school.

Harold C. Johnson

The HCJ Book Fair will be in the school media center Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. All parents are welcome to attend.

Rawlinson Road

Students of the week are: Jasmine Hinton, Chris Costley, Chelsea Massow, Saige Maxwell, Jillian Faircloth and Toby Howson.

Students who received a Raider Referral and will have a celebration at the end of the nine weeks are: Alyssa Blackwell, Quiandra Neely, Josh Durham, Shelby Williams and La'Brandon Simpson.

Steak n' Shake Night is from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday.

Fall pictures will be taken Friday.


Students of the week are: Dre Williams, Adam Sullivan, Quincy Goode, Kathryn Bernard, Keion King, Itane Coleman, Angie Kingsley, Wesley Turner, Zachary Miller, Meredith Holliday, Jodiie Accor, Grier Luxmore, Brittany McCarver and Caroline Lumetta.

Career Cluster Exploration winners for careers in architecture and construction are: Quintin Wherry, Lane Vick, Courtney Hughes, Valeria Rodriguez and Minerva Hardin.

Falcons Know the World winners for last week were: Kenyan McClinton, Parker Joiner and Vinceant Adair. This week's item is: Name three Middle Eastern countries. Make sure you tell where you found your answer. Answers are due no later than 3:45 p.m. Tuesday and should be emailed to Mrs. McLean at



Ninth-grade parent night will be 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the media center. Topics will include graduation requirements, ninth-grade expectations, standardized tests and EEDA. Refreshments will be served.


Applied Technology Center

The school will host a College Night and Financial Aid Workshop from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Oct. 18. More than 35 colleges will be represented. Parents and students are invited to attend. For more information, call Paula Hobbs at 981-1199.

York Comprehensive

Floyd D. Johnson Technology Center students of the month are: Justin Bowen, Ashley Wheeler, Phillip Crump, Libby Caldwell, Tyler Neil, Amber Welborn, Danny Moss, Amanda Houston, Devon Clevenger, Kayla Brannon, Christopher Spradlin, Corissa Boaman, Thomas Grayson, Kristin Williams, Ben Yost and Victoria Jeffcoat.


St. Anne Catholic

Math Team members for this year are: Melissa Copeland, Logan Jernigan, Drew Kocak, Ross Lordo, Jerome McKibben, Gabriel Montoya, Andrew Raad, John David Raad, Scott Sullivan, Daulton Vanderheiden and Lauren Wood. The SAS Math Team will compete in the SCISA Math Competition in Orangeburg on Oct. 16.

School pictures will be taken Wednesday and Thursday. A specific class schedule is available at


The National Christian College Fair will be held from 9 to 11 a.m. Wednesday at Westminster.


University of South Carolina Aiken

Oneshia S. Adams graduated with a bachelor's degree in August.

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