Winthrop scholarship to help students who have lost a parent

A Winthrop University graduate has set up a new scholarship for students who come from homes where one or both parents are deceased.

The endowed scholarship fund will provide financial assistance to students majoring in education. Jessie Stanley DuBard, a 1958 Winthrop graduate, started the scholarship with her husband, Fred.

DuBard wanted to continue a family tradition and support her alma mater after she experienced the death of both of her parents while enrolled at Winthrop, school officials said.

“I know how hard it is to make your way with just one parent or no parents,” DuBard said. “When I was a student, I didn’t know anybody else who was an orphan like I was.

“I want to help students in this situation figure out how to be successful.”

After her parents died, DuBard relied on family members for support to earn her degree, she said.

Her older sister, the late Mary Stanley Burroughs – a 1947 Winthrop graduate – served as a mother figure for DuBard and her five siblings. DuBard went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Winthrop.

Later, she worked as a teacher in Knoxville, Tenn., and Florence before her retirement. DuBard and her family are from Florence, where her mother worked as a nurse and her father was a teacher.

The scholarship seeks to honor DuBard’s sisters, and students with a single parent or no parent, school officials said. DuBard and her three sisters all attended Winthrop and graduated, and her four sisters-in-law are Winthrop graduates.