Andrew Dys

Hash oil dealer tells York County judge: ‘You dab it like Cam Newton’ – and then does

The “Dab” dance made famous by Cam Newton during the Carolina Panthers run to the Super Bowl last year is seemingly everywhere. Schools, statehouses, stadiums, old folks homes.

And on Thursday, in front of an astonished York County judge, a dope dealer from California did the dab in court.

He even said that using hash oil “dabs” are simple: “You dab it like Cam Newton.”

The case started seemingly simply enough. Adam Robert Harris, 25, a chef from California visiting family in South Carolina, was caught in March in Clover with more than oregano. He had a kilogram of marijuana and almost half a kilo of hash oil. York County drug agents had heard about Harris’ selling dope, and then busted him in the act, 16th Circuit Assistant Solicitor Hannah Grove said.

“It was an incredible amount of drugs,” Grove said in Thursday’s understatement of the year.

Circuit Court Judge Dan Hall wanted an explanation of hash oil. Marijuana, sure, Hall had heard of that.

“What exactly is hash oil and how is it used?” Hall asked.

Grove the prosecutor shrugged.

So Harris broke out the Dab, right there in front of the judge.

The Dab is a dance – really more of a pose – during which the dancer drops his head down toward a horizontally raised forearm in a sort of statue gone hip-hop. Some have described it as resembling the act of sneezing. Newton made it famous in 2015 when he dabbed after scoring dozens of touchdowns. Panthers fans dabbed all over the country and world as the team soared. Politicians who have the rhythm of a three-legged goat dabbed, kids dabbed, housewives dabbed.

Now even cons dab.

Harris threw out his arm and dropped his head and answered the judge about hash oil: “You dab it like Cam Newton.”

Hall was not amused. He did not dab.

“I doubt Cam Newton is dabbing hash oil after scoring a touchdown,” Hall told the chastened Harris.

Experts believe that dabbing hash oil – a concentrated form of marijuana extract strong enough to knock down a rhino – can be dangerous.

Harris’ lawyer, Geoff Dunn, went on to explain to Hall that Harris, from near Los Angeles, has a legal California medical marijuana card that allows him to both grow and use marijuana for medical use. Harris claimed he was in South Carolina selling the pot and hash oil to people who need it at below market rate, Dunn said.

“He believed he was helping people,” Dunn said, while acknowledging that, “South Carolina is not California.”

Hall had heard and seen enough. Nobody else dared dab in his courtroom.

“Twelve months in the Department of Corrections,” the judge said.

Harris did not dab again as a burly jailer led him off to prison.