Andrew Dys

Twin South Pointe High grads achieve perfect school attendance

On Tuesday, Kaity and Kally Williams had no tests at South Pointe High School. The twins went anyway. They have always gone to school – 2,340 days and counting.

Tuesday was the last day of school for seniors at South Pointe, and Kally and Kaity showed up like every other day – test or no test, hot or cold, snow or ice.

“We just did not miss school,” said Kally.

“Ever,” said Kaity, finishing the sentence.

No hacking coughs?

“No,” said Kally.

No fits of sneezing and a cold so bad that beds beckoned?

“No,” said Kaity.

No days when either girl did not want to see teachers or, worse, rotten boys at school?

“Never,” Kaity and Kally said, at the same time, as only twins can.

In 13 years, starting in kindergarten, Kally Williams never faked a stomach ache, either. Kaity Williams never put a hot compress on her forehead and claimed she had a fever.

Yet the Williams are the only twins – maybe ever in the school district – to have perfect attendance.

By the early grades at Richmond Drive Elementary School, the girls knew they had perfect attendance going, and it became important to them and their parents, Chad and Malynda Williams.

“When we had perfect attendance in elementary school we got the best trophy,” said Kally.

“From there, we knew we would not miss any days if we could help it,” Kaity said.

“Ever,” said Kally.

No strep throats when it was going around just about every year, Mom said, or swine flu when it hit a few years back.

“The girls really motivated themselves,” Malynda Williams said. “They wanted to do this. They deserve the credit.”

What about the scourge of perfect attendance – chicken pox?

“They had chicken pox in nursery school,” said Dad, Chad Williams – the York County Councilman, yes, but proud father who sure did not have 13 years of perfect attendance in school. “The girls did the work.”

Not a single sick day at Rosewood, Sullivan Middle School or South Pointe.

Even one year, when “snow days” forced a make-up day during spring break, the Williams girls showed up at school before the family left on vacation.

They might have been a few minutes late once or twice – thanks, Dad – but never absent. When the girls started to drive to school – yes, they received their licenses on the same day – the streak continued.

Kaity and Kally did not make a big deal about the dual achievement. They wore no sign at school saying “perfect attendance,” and did not brag or even talk much about it.

“Just a few people knew,” said best friends – and yes, twins – Kaitlin and Heidi Ebeling, who like the Williamses are graduating with high honors.

During this past school year, one guidance counselor even quipped that if either girl were sick, there would be a cot in the office so the record would be safe.

So, after 13 years together, you’d think Kaity and Kally might like some time to themselves, right?


The twins are headed off to Full Sail University, a Florida school that specializes in film studies.

Kaity and Kally both want to make movies someday, maybe even own a movie studio.

Certainly nobody in Florida will have to tell them to go to class.