Andrew Dys

Rock Hill woman in ‘Cocky’ shirt wins big on ‘Price is Right’

Yes, that lady jumping around on national television Wednesday morning, the woman told to “Come on Down” and who did come on down in a jumping frenzy, is Kimberly Willaby from Rock Hill.

Yes, Willaby wore a “Cocky” shirt bought at Rock Hill’s very own College Shoppe on the “Price is Right.

Yes” in that shirt she screamed out “Go Gamecocks!” and generally carried on like one of her two kids.

Yes, she won more than $33,000 worth of designer shoes, and a trip to Italy, and a Fiat car.

No, she is not sharing it with you.

But Willaby did share the experience of being on television that millions saw Wednesday with more than 30 family and friends at a raucous viewing party at Thursday’s Too restaurant, as the show taped in November in California finally aired.

And this lady who owns the Upscale WeeSale consignment shop laughed and only covered her eyes with embarrassment about five times as during the hour-long show. She jumped and hopped and screamed and ran around on the stage in California.

A visit to see her sister in California included a side trip to the CBS lot and the show with her sister and niece. Willaby was not just picked as a contestant on the show, but was the big winner of the “Showcase Showdown.”

“Great fun, but the hardest part was keeping the secret,” Willaby said. “I’m not very good at keeping a secret.”

TV shows demand that contestants do not spill the beans until the show airs. So although a few people knew something was up, a whole bunch of people showed up to watch the show.

“No!” everybody called out as Willaby missed getting on stage by not knowing how much a GPS costs.

But she did get on stage with a $550 bid for a laptop computer.

“Yeah!” yelled the clapping crowd.

But in a bid for $10,000 cash, she picked the wrong box.

But this is the Price is Right, 60 years on TV, an iconic show, and there is always a second chance. Willaby spun the giant wheel and landed a spot in the Showcase Showdown. She hugged the host, Drew Carey.

“My mother, the diva,” said son Josh, watching the show and wondering what got into his mother.

Then Kim’s guess was just $288 under the actual price of the car, the trip, and the shoes. When she won, she sure carried on and hugged her sister and leaped around the stage as the credits rolled.

The restaurant viewing party erupted.

Kim, a good sport, laughed at herself.

“You don’t win on the ‘Price is Right’ every day,” she said.

The daughter in college at USC, Brooke, has an eye on the car. The husband, Martie Willaby, gets to go on the trip and pay all the taxes on the prizes. Josh, the senior at Rock Hill High, got a hug.

“But we are taking the kids to Italy, all of us are going, so we all won,” Kim Willaby said.

Oh yeah: Kim gets the high-dollar designer shoes.